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Museum of Essential Oils
Museum of Essential Oils

Founded in 2018, Complex “Museum of the essential oils” is a constant exhibition of products consisting mostly of essential oils, which is unique, because it gives the visitors not only information but also the possibility to reach for the products directly with all their senses.

In the building of the complex there are glass bottles full of oils and aromas – right there at your disposition to taste before buying.

Though newly-founded, the Complex relies on the years-long tradition, experience and knowledge of the former Institute of roses and essential oils - one of its kind in the world.

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The exhibition of the complex “Museum of the essential oils” is situated in the underground premises of the Institute of roses in cozy and non-demanding environment.

You will be greeted by the main essential oil plants at the entrance of the complex in the yard of the Institute of roses. There, on account of the season, you will be able to interact with the plants in their natural environment.

If you visit the complex at the peak of the rose-picking campaign, the fountain at the entrance will be covered in rose blossoms and the scent of roses will be spread across the vicinity.

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The variety of essential oils offered in the complex is more than great. The Bulgarian rose oil is amongst the most wanted oils, as well as the lavender oil, the oils made of Melissa, mint and sage, which can be used both for medical treatment and beautifying procedures.

Specific medical and aromatic attributes are characteristic also for the chamomile oil, basil oil, pine oil, geranium oil, juniper oil and the oils made of Rosa Alba and Hyssopus.

For the appreciators there is a special set of six natural essential oils made of mint, basil, sage, juniper, lavender and pine. The connoisseurs can also buy a 4-gramm-Concum of rose oil in a special luxurious wooden box furnished with velvet on the inside.

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