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Museum of the essential oils

Founded in 2018, Complex “Museum of the essential oils” is a constant exhibition of products consisting mostly of essential oils, which is unique, because it gives the visitors not only information but also the possibility to reach for the products directly with all their senses.

In the building of the complex there are glass bottles full of oils and aromas – right there at your disposition to taste before buying.

Though newly-founded, the Complex relies on the years-long tradition, experience and knowledge of the former Institute of roses and essential oils - one of its kind in the world.

All goods that are sold in the complex are produced by Alba Grups Ltd- a certified producer of  essential oils, which uses the newest technologies combined with the years-long professional experience.

The quality is guaranteed by the Specialized laboratories in the Institute, which conduct detailed analyses of the contents.

At the present moment all research and innovations that are being conducted in the complex are directed to the permanent production of essential oils and ethereal plants as well as their implementation into the cosmetic and food industries.

At the complex you will not only get to know the methods of production of the valuable goods but will also learn about the botanical features of the plants from which they were derived.

Our mission is to bring you to the magical world of oils and aromas, to get you closer to the essential oil plants and to provide you with the best possible choice of products made of them.

The goods in the complex “Museum of the essential oils” are entirely made of natural sources and inherit the tradition in essential oil production of the Valley of roses.

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