The exhibition of the complex “Museum of the essential oils” is situated in the underground premises of the Institute of roses in cozy and non-demanding environment.

You will be greeted by the main essential oil plants at the entrance of the complex in the yard of the Institute of roses. There, on account of the season, you will be able to interact with the plants in their natural environment.

If you visit the complex at the peak of the rose-picking campaign, the fountain at the entrance will be covered in rose blossoms and the scent of roses will be spread across the vicinity.

At the very beginning you will be able to take a detailed look of each plant and to read about its features and implementations. There are separate boards which describe the plants and the products derived from them as well as their use in the fields of the different industries.

A lot of posters describe the history of rose-boiling and rose oil production. The best years of this occupation are displayed in them.

An important role is given to the library with specialized literature about the essential oil plants, their production, rose oil production, and about agriculture and herbs in general.

Among the exponents there is also a traditional rose-boiling caldron called “gulpana”, as well as the distinctive containers for carrying and containing the rose products in the past and in the present day.

At the end of your tour you will be able to choose between the wide ranges of products in the shop of the complex.

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